I have had severe problems with vertigo, general dizziness and lack of balance for over a year. Luckily, I found Dr. Azzolino’s group. It’s hard to express just how much better my life is now that the whole world isn’t constantly spinning around…

I’ve sought help from many doctors and chiropractors in my life. I can easily say that Dr. Azzolino and his staff are a credit to this world. He’s not afraid to be straight-forward with you and give the best advice and service possible. A very positive goal-orientated person.

Intravenous Nutrient Therapy & Chelation

People with compromised digestion often have difficulty absorbing the nutrients they need to heal. By using intravenous therapies (IVs) we can bypass the gut and get medicine into the blood stream within minutes. IV s also delivers nutrients in concentrations that are higher than oral supplements allowing us to achieve medicinal doses. Most patients experience profound results from IVs including increased energy and focus, improved immunity and rapid wound healing. Common IVs we offer include Meyer’s cocktails, Super-Immuno IVs, IV vitamin C, Chelation, and the Glutathione push. Dr. Thompson is certified in IV nutritional therapy by IIVNTP.

The Benefits of IV Nutritional Therapy

Many people have compromised digestion and are not able to absorb enough

nutrients orally. By using IV therapy we can bypass the gut and get medicine

dispersed within body in seconds. IV therapy enters the blood stream and bathes

the cells in nutrients. Nutrients are delivered in much higher concentration that oral

supplements, allowing us to achieve therapeutic dosing. Most people experience

profound results from IV nutritional therapy including increased energy and focus,

improved immunity and rapid wound healing.

Who may benefit from IV therapy

IV therapy is customized for each individual to address specific medical concerns. IV

therapy can successfully treat:

• fatigue

• colds and flus

• poor concentration

• heavy metal toxicity

• leaky gut

• nutritional deficiencies

• IV therapy can also be used in conjunction with other treatments to support

patients with cancer, head injury, autoimmunity and heart disease.

After a thorough medical intake our doctors will design an IV protocol that fits

the needs of the patient. These unique formulations can address complex medical

conditions The most common therapeutic IVs are the Multivitamin Mineral Cocktail,

Immunoboost IV, IV vitamin C, Glutathione push and Chelation IV. We also offer a

fast and easy Energy Boost shot.

The Multivitamin Mineral cocktail, also known as a Myer’s cocktail, is a

concentrated and balanced nutritional IV. This infusion takes very little time but

provides exceptional benefit. The Multivitamin Mineral Cocktail provides essential

nutrients, the building blocks for our cells and can be used for:

– Energizing the body

– Improving athletic recovery

– Relaxing the nerves

– Treating G.I. dysfunction

– Strengthening the immune system

The Immunoboost IV is the first line of defense against colds and flus. It is a

concentrated dose of immune stimulating vitamins and other nutrients. When given

during the early stages of an infection this IV can stop a virus before it takes hold.

It can also help eradicate stubborn infections that linger. Immunoboost IVs can

be given frequently to support people suffering from chronic infections or a weak

immune system.

The High Dose IV vitamin C infusion delivers vitamin C in doses much higher

than oral vitamin C. These higher levels of vitamin C can stimulate white blood cell

activity, support detoxification, and stimulate wound healing. The treatment takes

1-2.5 hours to complete depending on the amount of vitamin C given.

The Glutathione Push is a low volume IV that takes only 5-10 minutes. Glutathione

is found in every cell of the body. It is an extremely important antioxidant also

involved in most of the major detox pathways. The body’s need for glutathione

increases during infection, with toxin exposure and during times of increased stress.

Glutathione can also be used to boost immunity and treat a variety of neurological

disorders from poor concentration to Parkinson’s disease. Glutathione is poorly

absorbed orally so IV administration is one of the only ways to get high levels into

the body.

IV Chelation is a safe effective means to mobilize heavy metals so that they can be

eliminated from the body. Toxic heavy metals have become common place in our

environment. Metals like lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic can cause serious

health problems unless they are effectively removed from the body. They have been

linked to a variety of disease including anemia, fatigue, memory loss, infertility, high

blood pressure, and cancer. This is a very comfortable IV which takes ~ 1 hour.

The Energy Boost Shot is a combination B vitamin injection with high dose B-12.

It is used to provide increase energy stamina and focus. This shot is given directly

into the muscle and takes only a few moments. B-12 can be used to heal the nervous

system, treat anemia or as a safe effective energy cocktail.