I’ve sought help from many doctors and chiropractors in my life. I can easily say that Dr. Azzolino and his staff are a credit to this world. He’s not afraid to be straight-forward with you and give the best advice and service possible. A very positive goal-orientated person.

I love Dr. Azzolino. I originally went on the recommendation of my boss (who was a patient) after a car accident left me with torn ligaments in my neck and upper back. They booked me in immediately, and let me tell you, I’d NEVER felt so well taken care of by a doctor before! For two hours, Sergio and his staff tested everything from my peripheral vision to sensitivity to reflexes, took x-rays and in general treated me with great care, respect and concern. It took a while to recover, but I looked forward to every visit, knowing I’d feel much better afterwards.

I’ve been back many times over the years for a wrenched back and a misalignment due to a broken leg, and always feel as well cared for as I did on that first visit. Thankfully, It’s been nearly two years since I’ve needed to go (thanks in part to the stretching exercises he taught me), but I always know if I’m bent over like a question mark and in extreme pain, or just feel the need for an adjustment, they’ll be there for me.

Bioidentical Hormone

Our hormones naturally decline with age leading to a variety of symptoms. These can include poor memory, hot flashes, low libido, sleep disturbance, depression, irritability, fatigue, weight gain, reduced strength and muscle mass. Most of these are easily treated by bringing hormone levels back up to youthful levels. Bioidentical hormones are molecularly identical to the hormones produced by our own bodies, unlike conventional hormone replacement which often uses synthetic forms. Patients report that these forms are better tolerated leading to improved wellbeing without side effects.  Dr Dara Thompson is extensively trained in bioidentical hormone therapy, and always strives to prescribe the perfect dose to controls symptoms and contribute to vibrant health with the lowest possible risk.

The bioidentical hormones are provided in a variety of forms including creams, gels, tablets lozenges and injectables. They include:

– Estrogen including estradiol and estriol (AKA bi-est)

– Progesterone

– Testosterone


– Natural thyroid including T-3 and T-4

– Oxytocin

– Cortisol