I found Dr. Azzolino on Yelp just a few weeks ago. Out of the blue, I was in a lot of pain and not able to move without back spasms. I’ve seen him about 2-3 times a week over the past few weeks for adjustments and treatments now. My condition has improved immensely since seeing him. I find Dr. Azzolino to be very professional and personable. His staff if friendly and helpful too.

I’ve had some mixed experiences in the past with various chiropractors so I will admit I was a bit leery coming in to see him the first time without any personal referrals. During my first visit to Dr. Azzolino I was very concerned about my condition as I consider myself to be too young to be in the pain I was in. He was very thorough with getting to know my needs and condition as well as took X-rays that he was able to go over with me in the same visit. His cost was surprisingly reasonable for the X-rays compared to other chiropractors I had seen before. He did a good job of explaining what was going on and also calming me down. I was actually impressed by his facilities and all the services he offers. Some other chiropractors I have seen in the past, seem to be limited in what treatments they have available at their facilities.

Dr. Azzolino seems to be extensively knowledgeable about the body, how it works, and how it affects the mind. I definitely prefer doctors that integrate other schools of thought besides what they are formally taught. I think it helps to cure/correct whatever your issue is if you have a doctor that looks at the whole picture especially when it comes to physical pain as there are many possible causes that may not even be physical. Dr. Azzolino keeps up to date on relevant research and information. I appreciate him sharing suggestions to further educate me on how to take better care of my body.

Unfortunately my insurance does not cover my visits, and even though most chiropractic care is pricey, Dr. Azzolino has proven to be worth the investment in my physical well being today, and hopefully long term as well. I definitely recommend his practice if you are searching for a chiropractor in the area . 🙂

Dr Azzolino has helped me overcome various health issues. I had a very severe injury, which left me with terrible vertigo and balance problems. I am told I’ve made a miraculous recovery, and I have no doubt that Dr Azzolino played a huge role in this.

Toxic Metal Testing

The are several ways to test for toxic metals:

1. Serum (typical blood draw) –  represents only the last several months of exposure.

2. Whole Blood Analysis – a more complex procedure not performed by many labs.

3.  24 hour non-provoked urine –  helpful to determine how much your body is excreting over a 24 hours period

4.  6 hour urine chelation – most preferred by practitioners dealing with toxic metals. A chelating agent (ie. DMSA, EDTA, DMPS) is prescribed according to the patients body weight and taken prior to collecting urine for 6 hours. These agents will chelate (pull metals from storage site in the body) and give one a representation of your storage load.

5. Other methods of testing, such as hair analysis, are not accurate in today’s environment due to circulating toxins in thr air, and among people that have either dyed their hair or use chemical containing products.

We commonly do serum testing, followed by 24 hour and 6 hour chelation to accurately assess one’s current exposure and storage burden.


Some individuals with a high heavy metal load, may develop antibodies (immune markers that attack invaders) to the metals. The very act of testing and/or chelating will liberate more metals which risks elevating antibody levels. This is one reason why some individuals feel ill following chelation. More importantly, if one has a leaky brain barrier (which is a protective sheet around the brain that should only allow very select nutrients to cross), the metals and/or antibodies can enter the brain. The blood brain barrier may become leaky following traumatic brain injury (concussion) or secondary to chemical exposure, various infectious agents and viruses.

It is prudent, in many patients, to check ones antibody levels to metals prior to embarking on a course of chelation. If antibody levels are elevated then it is wisest to treat ones immune responses prior to further liberating any metals. Furthermore, our team is expert in modalities, procedures and nutrients that help heal the blood brain barrier.

It is also imperative that ones cardiac, kidney and liver function is stable and appropriately assessed, along with various laboratory marker depending on one’s individual and genetic needs. Should one elect to undergo chelation, then it is imperative that this is done under proper supervision so that neurological function and various biomarkers can be monitored to ensure safety.

The team at Azzolino Chiropractic Neurology & Integrative Wellness are experts in utilizing the safest and most effective methods, whether oral or intravenous, to help fully restore your health and vitality.