Dr. Azzolino is by far the best Chiropractor I have ever seen.

Over the past 9 months, my son’s (6 and 10) and I travel weekly to see Dr. Azzolino. Before beginning treatment with Dr. Azzolino, I prayed for acceptable behavior from my son’s, but had found it almost impossible for the kids to comply with any level of consistency. Today, their ability to attend to schoolwork, stay on task, follow direction, and maintain appropriate behavior in an appointment/office setting is nothing short of extraordinary. They are more confident (then when we began) and fully capable of conducting themselves properly in general. We owe Dr. Azzolino many thanks.

Another advantage, Dr. Azzolino has clear boundaries with children, which include respectful behavior and cooperation. Holding the kids to this example, they respond beautifully. His technical expertise in accessing and individualizing treatment allows me to relax easily when my children are in his attention, another immeasurable value.

As for me, after many years of a rigid-painful neck I have the full range of movement and functionality again. Shooting neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, etc., are no longer a daily grind, as his adjustments leave me with greater strength and a greater sense of mental clarity.

Trained employees are courteous and knowledgeable, and Dr. Azzolino has staffed his office with talented colleagues as well.

Dr. Azzolino is an accomplished practitioner, and I highly recommend his services.

I highly recommend Dr. Azzolino’s office. Dr. Azzolino definitely pours his heart and soul into his work, and is incredibly knowledgeable. I went to see him due to symptoms we suffered from chemical exposure, and we went to him after looking for answers for many months. When other doctors were not able to help us, he was reassuring and provided immediate treatment as well as exercises we could do at home, and this was the turning point for us in our recovery. I only wish we had gone to him sooner and that we lived closer to his office, as a 2+ hour drive is difficult to do regularly, especially with kids. But, he and his office staff have been awesome to work with – even remotely, quickly responding to emails and phone calls.

Dr. Azzolino and his other staff are very warm and caring and down-to-earth, at the same time Dr. Azzolino is efficiently and accurately doing sophisticated analyses and treatments with cutting edge techniques to do work that almost seem miraculous!

Toxic Metal Testing

The are several ways to test for toxic metals:

1. Serum (typical blood draw) –  represents only the last several months of exposure.

2. Whole Blood Analysis – a more complex procedure not performed by many labs.

3.  24 hour non-provoked urine –  helpful to determine how much your body is excreting over a 24 hours period

4.  6 hour urine chelation – most preferred by practitioners dealing with toxic metals. A chelating agent (ie. DMSA, EDTA, DMPS) is prescribed according to the patients body weight and taken prior to collecting urine for 6 hours. These agents will chelate (pull metals from storage site in the body) and give one a representation of your storage load.

5. Other methods of testing, such as hair analysis, are not accurate in today’s environment due to circulating toxins in thr air, and among people that have either dyed their hair or use chemical containing products.

We commonly do serum testing, followed by 24 hour and 6 hour chelation to accurately assess one’s current exposure and storage burden.


Some individuals with a high heavy metal load, may develop antibodies (immune markers that attack invaders) to the metals. The very act of testing and/or chelating will liberate more metals which risks elevating antibody levels. This is one reason why some individuals feel ill following chelation. More importantly, if one has a leaky brain barrier (which is a protective sheet around the brain that should only allow very select nutrients to cross), the metals and/or antibodies can enter the brain. The blood brain barrier may become leaky following traumatic brain injury (concussion) or secondary to chemical exposure, various infectious agents and viruses.

It is prudent, in many patients, to check ones antibody levels to metals prior to embarking on a course of chelation. If antibody levels are elevated then it is wisest to treat ones immune responses prior to further liberating any metals. Furthermore, our team is expert in modalities, procedures and nutrients that help heal the blood brain barrier.

It is also imperative that ones cardiac, kidney and liver function is stable and appropriately assessed, along with various laboratory marker depending on one’s individual and genetic needs. Should one elect to undergo chelation, then it is imperative that this is done under proper supervision so that neurological function and various biomarkers can be monitored to ensure safety.

The team at Azzolino Chiropractic Neurology & Integrative Wellness are experts in utilizing the safest and most effective methods, whether oral or intravenous, to help fully restore your health and vitality.