I’ve been seeing Dr Azzolino for jaw joint related pain (TMJ), a complication developed after a lengthy dental procedure. After 10 days of migraines I was directed to his office by a prosthodontist (bite specialist). Within 1 week all symptoms were gone, no meds were needed 🙂

I have had severe problems with vertigo, general dizziness and lack of balance for over a year. Luckily, I found Dr. Azzolino’s group. It’s hard to express just how much better my life is now that the whole world isn’t constantly spinning around…

About Performance Optimization

Whether you are an elite athlete, a captain of industry, or an individual looking to benefit from optimal health – are team of specialist will help you reach new levels of wellness.

We utilize the latest diagnostic technologies to assess physiology and brain function at a level that few do.

Our neurological evaluation assesses reaction times, postural and balance reflexes control, eye reflexes, motor planning and accuracy and neurological endurance, all in the effort to pinpoint specific areas of brain and central nervous system that can use improvement.  Even the most elite athletes can improve their performance.

Our physiologic evaluations assess hormonal levels, nutritional levels, and digestive functions.  We have the ability to provide the appropriate nutrients (whether intravenous, pill or cream form), bioidentical hormones or pharmaceutical prescriptions to optimize your function.

Tell us your goal, and we will help you get there!

Ailments that athletes suffer

Executive Physicals

Azzolino Chiropractic Neurology & Integrative Wellness offers executive physicals for the discerning patient that wishes to develop a deeper understanding about their brain health and…

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As women’s hormones change with age, they are faced with a host of choices which can be confusing. Dr Dara Thompson is an expert in…

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Today male humans are subjected to a whole host of endocrine distruptors and estrogen mimickers. The fact that these pesticides, herbicides shut down one’s testicles…

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Posture and your Brain

People often equate poor posture with being lazy or overweight, but posture is truly a non-conscious event. The posture of an infant is poor due…

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Sports Injuries

As chiropractic neurologists, Dr. Sergio Azzolino and his associates have been able to provide a unique and valuable service to many professional and amateur athletes.…

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Repetitive Stress Injuries

REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURIES To ensure full recovery, it is imperative that: • As a patient: RSI symptoms are recognized in the early stages of the…

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Chronic Pain

PAIN and Your BRAIN By definition, pain is an “unpleasant emotional response due to adequate nociception, and  there is no correlation between the amount of…

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