Our advice about Measles and other vaccinations

Written by Sergio Azzolino on 30 January, 2015 in

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The case for vaccination is predicated on a non-event. No matter what representations are made and attributed to vaccines, there is absolutely zero proof that they have saved lives. People have the right to get vaccinated themselves and vaccinate their children. If you believe that vaccines work and you are comfortable with the risk/benefit trade-off, then you should get them. It is very clear, however, that vaccine failure happens more often than we care to admit. We can share dozens of examples. Here’s one:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1646939/

Why do children get six doses of pertussis vaccine by age 6 and there are still outbreaks in fully vaccinated communities? It is accepted that vaccine induced “immunity” as defined by antibody response wanes over time. If vaccine-induced herd immunity is valid, then why aren’t adults mandated to receive the same vaccines as children?


The federal government compensates families for catastrophic injury and death caused by vaccines because it acknowledges vaccine injury is very real. Vaccines are so dangerous that the manufacturers sought and received near blanket liability protection via the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine injury Act, thereby eliminating the only real consumer protection in place that motivated industry to make safer products. Vaccines are legally classified as unavoidably unsafe. How many people is it OK to sacrifice to something that can’t be proven? It is ok that babies and children die in service of a theoretical idea that they must protect the weak and immunocompromised? Who gets to decide?

Look up any vaccine and see just a fraction of injuries and deaths associated with vaccination. These are reported through the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System: www.medalerts.org Most doctors do not know they are required report to VAERS because penalties are not enforced.

Do you have any clue what are the ramifications of preventing children from contracting and resolving infectious disease when it’s most benign? Remember when kids used to get chickenpox? Everyone born before 1958 is assumed to have gotten measles. These and others were benign diseases for the vast majority, a childhood rite of passage. We know they offer protective effects that last through adulthood. There is a deep intelligence in the varied ways we interact with our environment.

How many shots have you gotten? How many recently? All of them? We’d like you to consider getting the entire childhood schedule given to babies by age 2… of the 70 doses of 16 vaccines given to children to age 18, half of the doses are given by 15 months of age. Will you do that? We’ve never met anyone who would do it. Why do you think that is?

Vaccines have never been studied as they are given, simultaneously and cumulatively, starting on the day of birth, over time, compared to an unvaccinated control group. Never. How about just one shot. Find us the studies that justify our government’s policy of neonatal Hep B vaccination on day 1 of birth.


The idea that the unvaccinated harbor specially virulent germs that infect others is absurd, unscientific, and unsubstantiated. We are not alive because of vaccination. We have more germs on us and in us than cells in our bodies by a factor of at least 10x. You don’t need me to tell you that we come from bacterial soup and we’re only just beginning to mine the intelligence of the human microbiome and our various microbiota… let alone understand the role of retroviruses in the human genome.

Man’s hubris, that we can target a few strains via injection of a cocktail of animal and human biologics and effect a kind of immunological free lunch with manageable downside risk, fabricate an epidemiological tall tale that vaccines create the same kind of herd immunity that we see in the natural contraction and resolution of disease, remove the right to sue product manufacturers, allow drug companies to conduct their own shockingly inadequate safety and efficacy trials, and then start vaccinating babies starting on the day of birth with ever increasing numbers of shots (three fold since we were kids) and mandating them as a condition of day care and school admission is frankly beyond outrageous. That’s not any kind of evidence-based medicine.


The idea that  people contract infectious disease is because someone didn’t get vaccinated is convenient, yes, but it’s also facile and flawed and dangerous. We administer live virus vaccines to millions of children every year. We know that transmission via close personal contact through viral shedding occurs. Why does anyone get sick? Why do some people get sick and others don’t? It’s about the host not the germ.