We are pleased to offer the Gyrostim to our array of advanced rehabilitative technologies - a breakthrough that provides clinicians, athletic trainers, and researchers with a powerful new tool for advancements in rehabilitation and human performance enhancement strategies.

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What do we treat

Our diagnostics are exacting and our treatment plans are customized for each patient that we serve. We have assisted patients from around the world to heal to the fullest extent possible and reach their optimal health.

  • Neurobehavioral Disorders

    Neurobehavioral Disorders

    Neurobehavioral disorders are composed of a large…

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  • Complex & Chronic Illness

    Complex & Chronic Illness

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  • Performance Optimization

    Performance Optimization

    About Performance Optimization Whether you are…

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  • Brain Injuries & Illnesses

    Brain Injuries & Illnesses

    About Brain Injuries & Illnesses Whether…

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About Us


Azzolino Chiropractic Neurology & Integrative Wellness are leading experts in chiropractic and functional neurology, rehabilitation, naturopathic care and integrative medicine.

Our doctors are trained in the most current diagnostic and therapeutic applications of brain-based modalities, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, as well as in extensive herbal, nutritional and hormonal therapies…. read more

Meet The Doctors

Dr. Sergio Azzolino

Dr. Sergio Azzolino

Clinic Director Chiropractic Neurology

Dr. Dara Thomson

Dr. Dara Thomson

Naturopathic Medicine

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